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Crown lengthening is a common procedure that can be performed for a number of reasons.

Crown LengtheningCrown lengthening can be used for individuals with excessive gums, causing your teeth to look shorter. This procedure may also be completed when there is not enough of a tooth exposed to make a cosmetic or restorative procedure.

A crown lengthening procedure is a common procedure that is performed by a periodontist, a dental specialist who focuses on gums. If you are in need of a crown lengthening procedure, here is what you can expect.

Step 1: Anesthesia
The periodontist will use local anesthesia before the procedure begins.

Step 2: Exposing the tooth
Once the area being worked on is numb, your periodontist will make a small cut your gums and pull the excess gums back.

Step 3: Cleaning the Area
When there is enough of the tooth exposed, your periodontist will wash the area with salt water and the gums will be stitched together.

The amount of time needed for this procedure depends on how many teeth are being worked on.

If you are receiving dental crowns, you will visit the periodontist again after several days to make sure your gums are healing properly. When your gums are fully healed you will then make an appointment with your primary dentist who will be the one to place the dental crown on your tooth.

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