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Dental Night GuardIf you grind your teeth, called bruxism, or clench your jaw at night, your dentist may recommend that you wear a specialty mouthguard when you sleep. These night guards, also called splints, are designed to protect your teeth and temporomandibular joints.

The process for receiving a night guard is very simple and can keep your teeth healthy and safe from dental health issues that occur due to grinding or clenching.

Step 1
Your dentist will begin by making impressions of your mouth so that the night guard fits exactly.

Step 2
The impressions are sent to a laboratory, or sometimes dentists have an in-house lab that can create the night guard there. The night guard will be made to either fit the upper or lower teeth and adjustments are made if necessary to fit the mold.

Step 3
When the night guard is finished, you will come back to the dentist office to make sure it fits correctly and receive instructions on proper care.

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