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Most of the time, the reason for a dental visit is for your routine teeth cleaning.

professional teeth cleaning

Knowing what happens during this cleaning can help put you at ease and allow for a comfortable experience.

Step 1: Physical Exam

The hygienist, who will be the one to clean your teeth, will begin by examining your mouth with a small mirror. This is to check your teeth and gums for any signs of issues.

Step 2: Removal of Plaque and Tartar

Your hygienist will use a scaler to remove any plaque and tartar from around your gums and between your teeth.

Step 3: Brushing

Once the hygienist has removed the plaque from your teeth, they will use a high-powered brush to clean your teeth.

Step 4: Flossing

After your brushing, your hygienist will then floss your teeth. This flossing will help remove any remaining plaque and toothpaste.

Step 5: Fluoride

Fluoride will be applied to your teeth to help protect them from cavities. The fluoride helps keeps your teeth protected for months at a time.

Although brushing and flossing at home is important, scheduling routine visits to the dentist are one of the best ways to keep a healthy smile. If you’re due for a six-month cleaning, schedule your visit with a dentist near you.

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