In our procedure articles on Dentist Near Me Reviews, we mention the use of anesthesia, a form of sedation, quite a bit.

sedationWe wanted to take some time and discuss the different forms of sedation that will typically be available at the dentist’s office.

Nitrous Oxide
To begin, we will look at nitrous oxide, or what many people refer to as “laughing gas.” This is applied with a small mask placed over the patient’s nose. Nitrous oxide does not make you unconscious; rather it is used for relaxation.

Oral Sedation
Oral sedation is another form of sedation commonly used in dentistry. For procedures that incorporate oral sedation, you will take a pill prior to your procedure. This pill will cause you to feel drowsy, and, depending on the dose, you may be able to fall asleep during the procedure.

IV Sedation
Another form of sedation, although it is rarely used by dentists, is IV sedation. This form of sedation works quicker and allows the dentist to control the amount of sedation you are receiving during the procedure.

Deep or General Anesthesia
The final form of sedation that dentists may offer is deep sedation or general anesthesia. This form of sedation will leave you mostly unconscious or fully unconscious.

Your dentist will also likely offer a numbing agent in addition to sedation that will be placed on the site that the dentist is working on.

If you do use sedation during a dental procedure it is important that you have someone with you who can drive you home. For oral sedation, you should have someone drive you there as well since you usually take the pill prior to the procedure.

Read more about what real dentists had to say about what is involved in our blog post about sedation.

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