Lasers have become a great tool to use in all medical fields, including dentistry.

Dental Laser - No shot. No drill. No pain.The use of dental lasers is not a new topic, but as technology continues to advance, lasers may be able to do more and more for your dental health. Lasers are not replacing all of the dental equipment, but dentists are starting to use lasers in order to aid in a number of procedures including:

Teeth Whitening
A popular procedure for patients, in-office teeth whitening can be easily performed with the help of lasers. The dentist applies a solution to your teeth and a laser is used to activate this solution and help whiten your teeth quicker.

One of the main dental health issues children experience, tooth decay is another area where lasers can help. Dental lasers are able to remove the decay and help prepare the tooth for a filling.

Oral Cancer
Dental lasers can also help in fighting oral cancer. Lasers can be used to take a small sample of a patient’s tissue and examine it for cancer.

Lasers in dentistry have been shown to create less pain and are a great way to help anxious patients feel more comfortable. If you are interested in learning more about the usage of lasers in dentistry, be sure to visit the American Dental Associations (ADA) website.

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