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What is a Pediatric Dentist?

A pediatric dentist is a general dentist who has undergone additional education (usually two years) in order to treat children and adolescents in a more effective manner. Typically, your child will see a pediatric dentist from the time that they are infants through their teens.

Usually, people start to develop their first teeth when they are around 6 months old. This is when your child should start visiting the dentist. Around the age of 6, your child will start to lose their first set of teeth, also known as baby teeth, which will be replaced by their second set of teeth, also known as adult teeth. If your child does not receive good oral care to keep their baby and adult teeth healthy, they may experience a lifetime full of dental health problems.

PedodontistWhat does a Pediatric Dentist do?


Pediatric dentists work exclusively with patients who’s teeth are currently coming into place or have just came in. Due to this, pediatric dentists put an emphasis on educating their patients, and their patients’ guardians, about proper hygiene habits and other oral health topics. Through education, pediatric dentists hope to establish proper oral health hygiene habits while patients are young.

Preventative Services:

In children, the most common dental health problem is tooth decay (cavities). To prevent cavities, pediatric dentists perform routine cleanings, apply dental sealants, and will sometimes provide fluoride treatments. In addition to this, pediatric dentists will perform regular exams, like x-rays, to identify any potential problem areas.

Other Services:

Along with educating their patients and preventing cavities from forming, pediatric dentists perform many other services. These services include: removing teeth, fixing broken or chipped teeth, treating sensitive teeth, and more. In addition to this, pediatric dentists can administer anesthetics, write prescriptions as needed, and recommend any orthodontic or surgical procedures that may need to be performed.


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